Virekta (F) – Female Libido Enhancer
14th February 2016
Virekta Enhance
14th February 2016
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Virekta (F) Super Active – 6 Capsules


This herbal remedy is tailored to awaken the sexual goddess within you – experience powerful orgasms and bursts of unimaginable ecstasy with Virekta (F) Super Active.*


Virekta F Super Active is a 100% herbal female libido enhancer which works within one hour of taking one or two pills. Discover the sexual goddess you are meant to be. You may become far more aroused and naturally lubricated and ready for a night of passion. You may experience more frequent and explosive multiple orgasms and reach pleasurable heights you only dreamed of. Each pill remains active in your body for several hours, allowing you ample time to really enjoy your love-making. This herbal pill has no side effects and is completely safe. Surprise your partner by taking Virekta (F) Super Active. He really won’t know what hit him!

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Virekta (F) Super Active

Natural libido enhancing products. Solutions for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sex drives. Super Strength, Natural Male & Female Libido Enhancers.

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