Virekta Extra 30 Capsules
Virekta Extra – 30 Capsules
11th December 2020
Virekta uBangalala
Virekta uBangalala – 60 Vegi Capsules
23rd April 2021
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Virekta Extra Rounds – 5 Tablets


VIREKTA EXTRA ROUNDS has been developed for the man who is not satisfied with only going one round and nor is his partner! If after just one round you ejaculate and then it is all over, neither you nor your partner can be fully satisfied. The solution to this problem: take one VIREKTA EXTRA ROUNDS pill with a glass of water an hour before sexual activity and over the next 36 hours you will have strong, long-lasting erections and be able to go multiple rounds! Once you have an orgasm, you will recover quickly and be able to go another round and really satisfy your partner. She will be amazed at your performance and no other man will be able to satisfy her the way you do. We have only used the strongest, clinically proven herbal extracts in the exact quantities to give you a product that does what we promise it will do. Virekta Extra Rounds contains the following: maca; epimedium; Eurycoma; Tribulus; Avena Sativa; L-arginine and Bioperine.

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